There is a growing trend in the remodeling marketplace. Homeowners are purchasing new doors and windows with the primary goal to improve the look and style of the homeowner’s architectural fashion sense.

The trend is fueled by television shows devoted to curb appeal and a desire to keep up with the Joneses. Buyers also upgrade for style because their original plans to live in a home for a short time have changed. They just can’t stand living in a home they never liked to look at and always planned to say goodbye to in a few years. They are facing the reality they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon due to the real estate market. They are giving their home a facelift since they can’t move. All of these homeowners are replacing doors and windows for appearances sake and any energy efficiency savings is a secondary concern.

Homeowners who are replacing doors and windows with appearance as their primary goal have the following concerns when making door and window purchasing decisions:

  • Style
  • Color
  • Models
  • Hardware
  • Trim
  • Divided Lite Patterns
  • Decorative Glass

Door and window manufacturers and contractors that are the best at helping homeowners achieve their appearance goals will be the leaders in the current desire-based growth in Exterior Remodeling. They will be aware of how all the individual exterior remodeling products work in concert to achieve homeowners’ desired results. They will have a sense of style and a flair for fashion in order to remain experts in the door and window market.

Artistic talent and architectural taste will be the essential prerequisites for the specialty contractors and manufacturers who will expand during the current growth in exterior remodeling which is devoted to transforming ordinary houses into dream homes with the use of style, color and creative artistry in fenestration replacement.

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  1. Congratulations, Mark. Very true article, yes the home improvement episodes does make the customer more aware what is available or offer new products consumer not aware of.
    The important thing is to keep pace with market demand and offer customers what they are not aware of.
    Keep up with the good articles.

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