Ply Gem is sponsoring the ReNEWW house, a Purdue University net-zero energy project, by providing windows, doors, siding and trim to the project. The purpose is to help the university reach its goal of making the 1920s craftsman-style home a net-zero housing unit for visiting graduate students.

Lee Clark-Sellers, chief innovation officer at Ply Gem, says, “We work frequently with college students who push the boundaries on what can be done, and the ReNEWW house provides a unique, evolving challenge for sponsors like Ply Gem and for the Purdue students and faculty who were an integral part of the planning and retrofitting processes.”

ReNEWW is an acronym that stands for Retrofitted Net-Zero Energy, Water and Waste. The ReNEWW house is a three-year project started by Whirlpool Corporation and Purdue University to house graduate engineering students from Whirlpool, who will use the house as a living laboratory.

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