“Tiny House Nation” is a new TV Show about homes smaller than 500 square feet. They’re looking for people planning to live in a Tiny House and I told them about my 19-year-old son. Mark wants to live in a Tiny House for some very good reasons:

  • He likes the idea of saving money on housing so he can afford to be on his own;
  • He enjoys the outdoors and likes the way a Tiny House includes outdoor space every day;
  • His Tiny House could be moved whenever and wherever he wants; and
  • He doesn’t like the way big houses waste energy.

Mark has been working on getting materials and plans together for his own Tiny House for almost a year. He plans to build a Tiny House from his own plans and test it in the real world. After living in his own Tiny House he wants to build more Tiny Houses. His goal is to install sample displays of Tiny Houses next to the Milanese Remodeling showroom called “Tiny House Village.”

At Tiny House Village people could try out living the Tiny House Lifestyle before purchasing a Tiny House of their own – kind of like taking a test drive in a car. I think it is an interesting concept and I am looking forward to seeing his results.

When I was Mark’s age I volunteered to fight the “Energy War.” I was excited and hopeful that our generation would finally address the extremely high energy usage of American homes. We failed to win that war. Now, a new generation has a chance to succeed. Even if “Tiny Houses” aren’t for everyone, promoting the ideas of energy-efficient living with space savings and alternative energy usage can impact the American lifestyle and environment. I wish Mark luck.

Tiny House Nation likes my son’s ideas, apparently. The casting department for Tiny House Nation has contacted Mark to be on a future episode of the program. Tune in and you just may see my son appearing on Tiny House Nation next season. No matter what, I think Tiny House Nation is worth checking out because it is a well-produced, thought-provoking and entertaining program with great energy and space-saving ideas anyone in our industry could put into practice.

If you know anything about the growing trend of shrinking houses, if you live in a Tiny House, or plan to offer them to your clients I would love to know what you think. You can comment here or contact me directly at Mark@MilaneseRemodeling.com.


  1. Thanks for the GREAT feedback about this article.
    Many people are writing me directly about how the “Tiny House” trend could impact our industry… They are pointing out that Tiny Houses need energy efficient glass and doors – and lots of it for the small space they occupy. Others are reminiscing about how they grew up in a tiny house – with a BIG family – before this Tiny House “Revolution”. Still others are telling me how shrinking the square footage could make housing affordable for those in need. You guys should be writing for DWM!

  2. Want to learn more? Link to Tiny House photos & Tiny House Village Site Plans on my website:

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