Sierra Pacific Industries (SPI) has completed the purchase of Hurd and Superseal Windows and Doors.  SPI originally announced its intent to acquire the company on July 7th.  The purchase will add to SPI’s manufacturing capacity, trained work force, product lines and will provide exposure to Central and Eastern U.S. and international markets for the window division of SPI.

According to SPI, Hurd’s market share has doubled in the past six years, so the purchase went along with SPI’s goal to “make capital investments and drive dramatic sales growth.”

The purchase was made from HWD Acquisition, Inc. (dba Hurd Windows & Doors) from Longroad Asset Management, the investment company that bought Hurd Windows and Doors in 2008.

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  1. I have a Hurd double pane window that has lost the gas and has turned smokey how do I get it replaced.

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