The growing trend of “Whole House” exterior remodeling projects – where clients also replace doors and windows when they replace siding or stucco – made me think about how many different types of siding surfaces, casings and window types an exterior remodeling specialist must be intimately familiar with today. Keeping air and water out of a hole in the wall with a door or a window takes a considerable amount of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship. The fact of the matter is, replacing doors and windows is not a project for amateurs.

No matter how efficient a door or window is manufactured to be, high-performance fenestrations won’t perform well if they aren’t installed properly. They must be integrated into the specific type of exterior wall surface surrounding them accordingly. Even the highest-rated but improperly installed door or window will not give the property owner the utility cost savings they expect; they won’t solve their water penetration problem and will continue to have air infiltration around them, too.

Fortunately, manufacturers and architects recognize that doors and windows that test well will not perform well if they are installed incorrectly – and they have done something about it!

The American Architectural and Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has training and certification for correct door and window installation through their InstallationMasters™ program.

The InstallationMasters™ website states the program is specifically designed to help installers:

  • Avoid costly callbacks;
  • Improve energy efficiency;
  • Work more efficiently, optimizing both time and energy; and
  • Maximize product benefits for happier, more satisfied customers.

InstallationMasters™installers become part of a select group and can use this additional training to sell their skills and ability on every project they bid.

The banner of the InstallationMasters™ website proudly proclaims “Show them you’re an InstallationMaster™… and watch your business grow.”

I believe experience, training, craftsmanship and knowledge is needed for proper installation of doors and windows. With so many varieties of exterior wall surfaces and fenestration models we need to deal with on a daily basis, guidelines and training are needed to insure end consumer satisfaction.

I applaud AAMA’s efforts to offer their training and certification program, but the end-consumer will not give the program the weight it deserves when making their purchasing decision unless more of us in the door and window industry do a better job of making the consumer aware of the importance of the InstallationMasters™ training and certification program. If the high-performance window being manufactured and bought gets a low-performance installation there will be dissatisfied clients and business will suffer. When they are installed properly and clients can shout from the rooftops about how their new windows perform, repeat business and referrals are more likely to occur.

I hope all of us will do our best to promote the program to the end-consumer and within our own companies. If we don’t, the InstallationMasters™ program will also fail to meet its performance intentions and the end consumer may have their dream home improvement become a costly nightmare.


  1. Thanks, Mark! AAMA also believes that the InstallationMasters training program leads to expertise on proper installation, which then leads to better performing products in the field.

  2. You are welcome Angela Dickson! AAMA is on the right track…

    I just wish every one knew what a great resource AAMA is for both the members of our industry and the protection of the end consumer. You have taken on some of the tougher challenges in our industry. I believe InstallationMasters is a great certification program to distinguish installation quality and Design Pressure ratings are a great way to distinguish the quality of products. Both of these programs protect the consumer and set standards for installers, dealers and manufacturers.

    I think we just need to promote the efforts of AAMA better as an industry… both among ourselves as well as to the end-consumer we serve.

  3. Thanks for being such a strong advocate for InstallationMasters and for helping AAMA to promote this program! Please feel free to direct customers to our website ( and let us know if you need any additional information.

    Of course, that offers extends to all your readers as well.

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