The recent growth of the home improvement industry has presented optimal opportunities for door and window retailers to reach consumers who have become more comfortable with the idea of renovating their home. However, a strategic plan must be in place in order to succeed. Today’s consumers see thousands of advertisements each day, so a consistent marketing strategy is crucial to successfully setting yourself apart from your competitors. The following are tips to keep in mind when implementing direct mail and digital campaigns.

Direct Mail Advertising

Focus on the Actual Offer: Do not use words like “amazing” or “unbelievable” in your coupon as they will only turn consumers away. Focus on clearly stating the numerical value of the offer you are presenting. For example such phrases as, “$100 off” or “free installation with any $1,000 purchase” will help entice consumers.

Be Careful with the Font Choice: As a best practice, ads should feature no more than three font types, including a large bond font to distinguish the offer, while allowing the company name, and key phrases to stand out from the rest of the information.

Keep the Ad Clutter-Free: A cluttered ad can cause consumers to associate your great offers with the clichéd visual features of “junk mail.” When creating an ad, remember that you don’t need to utilize all of the space. However, if possible, business owners should include QR codes and personalized URLs to drive consumers to your websites.

Mobile and Online Integration: With the increasing use of smartphones, mobile marketing campaigns have become a tactical way to reach consumers who are on the go. Engaging consumers with mobile offers makes it convenient for them to find your latest deals and also allows businesses to reach consumers who are ready to take immediate action and access special offers when they make a purchase.

Take Advantage of SMS (Short Message Service) Offers: SMS marketing has a high chance of succeeding because the offers are generally provided to potential customers who requested them. When sending an SMS offer, keep in mind that the messages should contain less than 160 characters and they typically feature coupon codes or offers, as well as instructions for redeeming them.

Don’t Be Afraid of Social Networking Sites: Social networking sites are a great way to increase interactions with your target audience while building a strategic presence online. Publishing a consistent flow of relevant content can be an effective way to enhance your online presence while engaging your target audience. Blogging is another way to draw in more traffic while supporting your reputation and lead generation efforts. By regularly posting useful content with easy-to-personalize messaging, your followers will be more apt to engage with and share your content.

Focus on the Consumers’ Benefits: To catch their attention and drive a response, your message should focus on the benefits they will enjoy by making a purchase from you. Additionally, properly tracking your ROI and utilizing that information to determine what works best for your business and target audience will lead more effective marketing material for current and future efforts.

While creating an effective campaign takes time, with perseverance and effort, the payoff can be great. With patience, these efforts can improve your marketing strategy and help your company gain a competitive advantage in the market while providing your customers with added value.

Chris Conlee is the senior vice president of marketing for Money Mailer.

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