An effort to move a patent infringement lawsuit involving J-Channel Industries from a Tennessee to New York Court has failed. CopyTele Inc., a company that protects the rights of inventors through patent monetization and patent assertion, today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, J-Channel Industries Corp. has prevailed in its efforts to prevent Home Depot U.S.A. Inc. and Silver Line Building Products LLC from removing its patent infringement lawsuit out of the Eastern District of Tennessee. The two companies were sued by J-Channel Industries in the Eastern District of Tennessee, and sought to move the lawsuit to the Eastern District of New York, where the defendants had filed for declaratory relief, according to CopyTele.

“Both the New York and Tennessee Courts have now put an end to the ‘legal gamesmanship’ attempted by these parties to delay and disrupt our infringement lawsuits,” says Robert Berman, CTI’s president and CEO. “The integrated J-Channel has become a standard in the vinyl window industry. Instead of profiting from his invention, our inventor was forced out of business. Large companies such as these have made a lot of money from selling J-Channel windows, and we look forward to proceeding with our infringement lawsuits in the Eastern District of Tennessee and telling our story in Court.”

J-Channel Industries has 20 patent infringement lawsuits pending in the Eastern District of Tennessee, and has entered into seven license/settlement agreements in connection with its patented J-Channel Window Frame Construction technology. Settlements have been entered into with companies including PGT Industries, MI Windows and Doors and YKK AP America.

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