In what may be a first in the door and window manufacturing industry, an employee of Western Window Systems has paid the ultimate tribute to the company by having himself tattooed with not one, but two of the company’s logos.

Chris Allgood, production manager, has been with Western Window Systems since 2008. The idea for the tattoo, he says, started as a joke on Facebook, in which co-workers dared one other to get permanently branded with the company’s logo for an unnamed prize.

tattoo3Allgood, who got his first tattoo at age 18 and has since lost count, accepted the challenge, getting company logos tattooed on either side of his arm.

“I wanted the Western Window Systems logo on one side and our mark for

Excellence [one of the company’s three core values] on the other,” says Allgood.

“I had them done on the arm that has tattoos of Chinese characters representing things like strength and courage—they fit right in.”

tattoo1Allgood adds that both tattoos, designed in red and black, took about an hour each to ink and were done on the same day. He adds that his coworkers noticed immediately, many of them curious and asking for a closer look.

tattoo2“In another company, people might have thought I was nuts,” he says, “But our culture here is so supportive, so cool. It’s like family.”

Initially, Western Window Systems President Jason Funk says he was shocked when he heard about Allgood’s Western Window Systems logo tattoos.

“We had a guy shave our logo into his hair before, but nothing like this,” says

Funk. “It’s pretty awesome. We think the world of Chris and it’s humbling to see how much he loves Western.”

Funk paid for the tattoos. But Allgood says he didn’t do it for the money.

“Western has always treated me right,” he states. “I plan on being here until I retire or win the lottery—whatever comes first.”

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