As an early adopter of technology, I have been playing around with Google Glass for several months. I was “invited” into the Google Explorer program earlier this year and used part of my tax return to purchase what in essence is a “micro” computer on your head.

Today, Glass is not designed to take over all the functions of what your tablet or smart phone does. But what it does do is give you, as Google suggests, is “micro interactions” with technology without having to look down at your phone.

SchwartzLet’s face it, we all are guilty of texting on our phones while engaging in a conversation with someone. We all have done this to people and we have all had it done to us. Glass allows you to keep engaging with someone while getting a text, an email, etc. You can even take a picture with a wink of an eye, see traffic delays and be rerouted on GPS through Glass as well as many other functions.

Wearable technology like Glass, the new iWatch coming out, the Pebble on the market already, and other prototypes will make it into the mainstream market. Frankly, wearing Google Glass in public is something that I don’t do very often. You definitely get the “looks” and some people think you are constantly video recording and as a result invading their privacy. Frankly, your smartphone has much better video recording technology than Glass and using the recording function on Glass definitely is a battery drain.

With all this wearable technology coming onto the scene over the next few years, it will be interesting to see how it all incorporates into window, glazing and remodeling industries. Will we be able to use our watches or our glasses to put together a window presentation, a window quote, order windows, diagnose window issues in the field, etc.? Will the smart phone be a thing of the past? With technology evolving so quickly, our industry will certainly be undergoing a technology evolution as well. I would love to hear what your comments are about the future of technology and how it relates to our business.

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