Did you even know that May is Home Improvement Month? In 2002, Congress and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) declared this monthly holiday to celebrate the traditions of home improvements that take place in the spring. While many window dealers did not know of this opportunity to promote window replacements in May perhaps it is something to consider next year.

Jeff Smith, vice president of Energy Services at Kambo Green Solutions, says he did not realize May was deemed Home Improvement Month.

“While we didn’t run a promotion specific to the ‘event,’ we have run a promotion that has a graduating discount based on getting multiple measures installed. We install doors, windows, air-sealing, HVAC systems, insulation, etc., so we are giving 5 percent if one item is installed, 10 percent for two and 15 percent for three of the above. The idea behind this is to have customers buy more than originally expected, but they get a greater discount because our costs go down by doing all of these items at once rather than making several trips over the next several years to complete the measures separately.”
He adds that since all of the company’s offerings improve the efficiency and comfort of their homes, it is easier to justify this “upsell” to the customer.

“Many people appreciate doing all of their work under one roof as opposed to contracting several companies to do this work in different stages,” he adds. “It also gives our company the ability to coordinate all work in a way that makes sense.”
NARI works with its members to publicize home improvement month and has a press release available that members can customize to their specific business. Companies can highlight special promotions they are running for remodeling projects.
According to Mark Clement, professional contractor and co-host of MyFixitUpLifehome improvement radio show, National Home Improvement Month is the ideal time to make improvements to the exterior of your home.

Clement points out that homeowners should start each May with a “top-down” evaluation of their home’s exterior products. “Tackling these projects in May means you’ll have more time to enjoy the results and a carefree summer,” he says.

He also tells homeowners to evaluate their doors and windows.

“If you can see light around a door from the inside, your door is hard to close or lock or the door itself is warped, it’s time to consider a new door,” he says. “Even if you can’t see light, air may be moving through gaps in the weather stripping at a surprising rate.”

When it comes to windows Colorado Window Source lists several reasons homeowners should replace their windows during home improvement month including energy savings, comfort, ease of use, increasing safety and home value and aesthetics.

Have you used Home Improvement Month as a promotional tool this month? Will you explore it next year? Post a comment here.

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