Weber Manufacturing Technologies Inc. announced it is expanding its MasterGrain premium fiberglass residential entry door product line and moving production to Midland, Ontario.

Chris Edwards, president, says the move means long-term stability and new local jobs at the company. It also opens the door to significant market opportunities for the company.

“With rising production and logistical costs it’s the right time to bring it home to Midland,” Edwards says. “We are confident we can produce a higher quality product, equally cost effective and support the Canadian economy instead of looking for low cost country alternatives.”

With over $4.6 million in investment to support MasterGrain’s technology, Edwards is excited with its development and says it has the potential for substantial growth. According to company officials, the move to Midland gives Weber ultimate control over quality while shortening delivery time and enabling them to quickly respond to special requests. That quality control and flexibility is vital when building a new product’s reputation. “We want to build a brand,” Edwards adds. “This is a new industry and has great potential for growth.”

It also provides a much-needed boost to the local economy, state official. Weber is renting 22,000 square feet of space for production and will need to fill a number of skilled and semi-skilled positions. Edwards explains, “It’s bringing new opportunities to this area in an exciting and innovative new industry for us.” Since the start of the year, 14 new positions have been added and as Weber moves into stage two of the development Edwards estimates there will be five to 10 jobs created shortly and more than 30 new positions in the next two to three years.

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