Five months after joining the NASDAQ® stock market, Huttig Building Products (NASDAQ: HBP) received the honor of ringing the market’s opening bell on Monday, April 28. Huttig CEO Jon Vrabely rang the bell to signal the beginning of market trading.

huttig“Our entire organization has worked extremely hard and made many personal sacrifices over the past six years to weather the industry downtown,” Vrabely says. “I am incredibly proud of our organization and am indebted to all our Associates for their dedication and service. It is their commitment to being the best that makes Huttig the company it is and I am humbled and honored to represent them at this historic event.”

In 2013, Huttig returned to net profitability and achieved its eleventh consecutive quarterly improvement in net income, excluding special significant items. Net sales in the first quarter of 2014 were $135.3 million, representing a 9-percent increase over first quarter 2013 net sales of $124.5 million.

“Returning to NASDAQ late last year represented an important milestone for Huttig and its shareholders. We know the work is far from over, but it’s an honor to be here and be recognized for the work our company has done,” adds Philip Keipp, Huttig vice president and chief financial officer.

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