Architectural Traditions, a door and hardware supplier, based in Tucson, Ariz., closed its doors suddenly on April 14. While customers continue to feel these effects, many of them having lost deposits, according to local reports, there is some good news. Architectural Elements, also based in Tucson, and manufacturer and distributor of a variety of building products including doors, windows and hardware, announced yesterday that it has rehired many of these employees.

Two of the new hires have more than 40-years combined experience in woodworking and high-end finishing. The third employee has nearly 20 years of industry-specific experience dealing directly with distributors and manufacturers’ representatives nationally, says Aaron Sluder, general manager of Architectural Elements.

“We were just as shocked as everyone in the community and the industry to see Architectural Traditions suddenly close its doors,” he says. “We felt a deep sadness for those who lost their jobs, many of whom we know; in an effort to help some of those, we jumped at the opportunity to hire as many as we could.”

The website for Architectural Traditions says the following: “Architectural Traditions announces the closing of its business, effective April 14, 2014, due to unforeseen financial issues. We will not be able to complete any outstanding orders. If you have a deposit with our company for work to be completed, it will not be paid at this time. We will work with the company’s secured lender to liquidate the company. In the event there are any proceeds received from liquidation beyond the secured debt we will facilitate a pro-rata distribution to our creditors, although it is unlikely there will be remaining funds.”

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