Hopefully, you’ve already filed your company’s taxes, but if not, Dominique Molina of CertifiedTaxCoach.com, said some businesses are saving “a few thousand dollars each year in deductions, and in some cases, they save millions.” What can you do to trim down what you owe the Internal Revenue Service?

“Maybe you feel like you can’t get ahead of the cost of your business,” she said during a recent webinar held by SCORE Live Webinars. “It’s not what you make; it’s how you earn your money that makes a difference.”

If you own your own business, be sure to pull your personal bank account statements, she recommends.

“Sometimes it’s hard to tell where we stop and our business starts,” she said. “Chances are you’re going to find some unreimbursed business expenses. Oftentimes when I run out, I’ll put something on my personal account for my business without thinking about it.”

When it comes to gas mileage deductions, many people opt for the standard deduction, she said. But if you drive a larger vehicle, you can take more. A large sedan is 75.5 cents a mile and a four-wheel drive SUV averages 75.7 cents, she said, citing a 2012 AAA study.

How is your business set up? Is it a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC or Sole Proprietorship?

“Income is taxed differently,” Molina stressed. “Certain things are taxed differently in one entity versus another.”

She outlined the differences this can make for a small business owner.

An S-Corp for example, allows you to give yourself a salary, which breaks up how your company is taxed.


Salary $40,000

FICO $6,120

Net $73,880

Proprietorship SE:

Income $80,000

SE Tax $11,304

Net $68,696

“An S-Corp saves $5,184 each year,” she said.

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