I was working with a dealer earlier in the month who was stressing to the sales team that they need to follow the fundamentals of selling. This dealer had done some extensive research and found that the majority of his competitors did not bring a window into the appointment. He deduced that many of his competitors were just “winging it.” And when you do this, homeowners tend to boil things down to just price.

This particular dealer was explaining to his sales team that he wanted everyone to follow a system selling approach (SSA). Some people frown on system selling while others embrace it. Over the past decade, I have observed system selling evolving into more of a seamless transition from “step-to-step.” I also have seen it evolve into different mediums as well—Skype, YouTube, etc. Prior to this, the selling approach seemed more mechanical and awkward.

Regardless of the medium, system selling has tremendous advantages for both your company and your customer. With a SSA, there is a road map to the appointment and hopefully if everything works out, the goal of a sale is realized. But where the SSA differs today from the past is there is no “arm twisting” to get the sale.

Today, the Internet has helped homeowners pick and choose who they want to invite into their homes to do a presentation. The Internet also has allowed for homeowners to choose the way they want to be presented. Your company’s reputation is a real factor in getting invited into a home. Especially in today’s world, homeowners can invite people into their homes for a face-to-face presentation, they can have a presentation done over the Internet and homeowners can even get pricing through YouTube presentations. If they do not like you, they can ask you to leave or simply disconnect the presentation from the computer.

The style and methods may have changed over the years—but the basics are still there. People value their time and want to be treated with respect. As a company, you still want to make sure there is a good fit between the customer and your company. By following a selling methodology, all of these goals are met.

Great Selling!

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