You must be a manufacturer of doors, windows or skylights to complete this survey.

Building Industry Advisors and Door and Window Market (DWM) magazine have announced the launch of the Door & Window Industry Benchmark Survey for year-end 2013. The survey is now available for door and window manufacturers to complete and may be accessed here.

“With the recovery of the industry having gained considerable momentum, now is an ideal time for door and window manufacturers to compare their financial and operational performance with that of competitors,” says Michael Collins, partner, Building Industry Advisors.

The Benchmark Survey contains a full financial analysis (income statement and balance sheet), along with, among other areas, lead time information, worker productivity statistics and a discussion of marketing practices and areas of concern that will require action in the year ahead. The Benchmark Survey focuses on data that can be used in making decisions about the best path to take in the current market environment. Each survey participant that submits complete financial statements will receive a summary valuation of their company as of year-end 2013.

Completed survey questionnaires can be submitted via mail, email or fax to Building Industry Advisors. All survey responses will be maintained in the strictest confidence.

The results of the survey will be made available by the end of June, and companies who participate will receive a discount on the purchase of the results ($290 for participating companies). The deadline for submitting surveys is May 15, 2014. Companies that do not wish to recast their financials for the survey may send complete financial statements instead.

For questions, contact Collins at

To access the confidentiality agreement click here.

You must be a manufacturer of doors, windows or skylights to complete this survey. 

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