RUSSTraficanteRuss Traficante, vice president and co-owner of WinDoor Inc. announced he is retiring from the company March 31.

Traficante and Frank Lukens started WinDoor in 2001.

“We have worked hard over the last decade to strengthen our management team, and I am happy to tell you that Russ and I both believe that we have been able to put into place a team that will be able to meet the demands and needs of our customers,” says Lukens, president and owner.

This structure includes:

  • John Adams, national sales manager;
  • Scott Thacker, project manager, who has been moved out of customer service and will now work on all project quotes and special product configurations; and
  • John Lewis, engineering manager.


  1. Russ is a real father and the best teacher ever . I have a bachelor degree in chemical engineering and he taught me about doors and windows, before that I had no idea about it.
    Russ ,thank you very much and I will never forget your smiley face .

    Amr ( the Egyptian Guy )

  2. Is this the same Russ that used to be married to Emily and was a member of Central Florida Home Builders Assc?

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