hoffHarvey B. Hoff, age 80, of Hoff Building Supply, passed away in Meridian, Idaho, Monday, March, 10 in the presence of his family.

According to the family, he was known for his sense of humor, entrepreneurial spirit, humble nature and love for adventure, especially hunting, fishing and skiing. Hoff was born April 13, 1933, in Ontario, Ore., to Harvey O. and Helen Boraas Hoff. Following the Depression, Harvey moved to Caldwell, Idaho, where his father started a local lumberyard named Hoff Building Supply. Hoff worked in the family-owned lumberyard and sawmill in Horseshoe Bend, Idaho. He then went to the University of Idaho to study business and forestry. After graduating college, Hoff joined the U.S. Marine Corps and achieved the rank of Captain.

Upon returning home to Caldwell to work at the lumberyard, Hoff changed directions and went to work for Boise Cascade Corp., moving around the northwest with his wife and three children until he returned to Boise as a district manager. He was asked to take over as the fourth generation Hoff to lead Hoff Companies which had started as a small sawmill in McCall, Idaho, in 1911, and had grown substantially. With three remaining sawmills in Idaho and Oregon, five retail lumber yards, two moulding plants, timberlands and a hotel renovation development (later becoming the Hoff Building), to manage during a period of skyrocketing interest rates, persevered and achieved his milestone goal of $100 million in sales in 1993. From the first sawmill that was started by Hoff’s grandfather and great-grandfather, Theadore and Hans more than 100 years ago, the company has transitioned and evolved in many ways and still exists as Trimco Millwork in Idaho, Utah and Colorado; Western Window; Hoff Timber & Land; and Banbury Meadows Development.

In a statement the family says, “Hoff Companies exists today because of Harvey’s dedication and leadership. He lived well, with distinction, honor and grace. We will miss him.”

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