CopyTele Inc. (CTI), a company that protects the rights of inventors through patent monetization and patent assertion, announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, J-Channel Industries Corp., has entered into a license and settlement agreement with PGT Industries Inc. The settlement is in connection with CTI’s patented J-Channel Window Frame Construction technology.

In August 2013, DWM reported that patent infringement lawsuits had been filed against seven major window manufacturers and two distributors.

Then in October 2013 the company filed 19 patent infringement lawsuits in the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, in connection with its patented J-Channel Window Frame Construction technology. Defendants in the lawsuits consist of retailers and window manufacturers, including: Home Depot U.S.A. Inc.; Anderson Corp.; American Builders & Contractors Supply Co. Inc. (ABC Supply); Comfort View Products LLC; Croft LLC; Moss Supply Company; Wincore Window Company LLC; Vinylmax LLC; Simonton Building Products Inc.; HWD Acquisition, Inc. (Hurd Windows); Magnolia Windows and Doors LLC; MGM Industries Inc., MI Windows and Doors LLC; PGT Industries, Inc.; Quaker Window Products Co.; Sun Windows Inc.; Weather Shield Manufacturing, Inc.; West Window Corporation; Woodgrain Millwork, Inc.; and YKK-AP America Inc.

This latest PGT license is the fifth license for the J-Channel Window Frame Construction technology, and resolves the patent infringement lawsuit filed against PGT Industries on October 9, 2013, which will be dismissed. Other license agreements were made with RGF Industries, Elixir Industries, Hurd and Tafco.

CopyTele CEO Robert Berman said that when it comes to the other pending cases (which are being treated as one lawsuit), they are waiting for a schedule as to when litigation will begin.

“It is our policy to reach out to parties after bringing a lawsuit and we are in discussion with several window manufacturers so at any given time we are potentially resolving lawsuits,” he said. “Statistically less than 3 percent of these suits ever make it to trial. We always invite parties to have discussions and then it is up to them.”

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  1. CopyTele is an example of what’s wrong with our legal system.'Patent-Troll'–With-No-Apologies

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