The Farnsworth Group - Channel Purchase Behavior - June 2013[1]_Page_2A good selection of products is the top reason, builders, remodelers and tradesmen, stick with a current supplier, according to a study performed by The Farnsworth Group, a research firm that specializes in the home improvement market, including doors and windows. At the bottom of the list was a quality product.

The study, Channel Purchase Behaviors for Consumers and Professionals,The Farnsworth Group - Channel Purchase Behavior - June 2013[1]_Page_1 was aimed at better understanding the consumer and professional channel purchase behaviors within hardware and home improvement product categories. Consumers completed 425 online surveys and 230 online surveys were completed among builders, remodelers and tradesmen.

Among the trade group, the following reasons were cited for why they work with their top suppliers:

1. Good selection/assortment of products;

2. Have products in-stock;

3. Good customer service;

4. Convenient location;

5. Knowledgeable employees;

6. One-stop-shopping;

7. Low everyday prices; and

8. Offer quality products.

The study also looked at this group’s behavior with their primary supplier:

• 64 percent said it is the same today as it was five years ago;

• 15 percent still use their primary supplier and said “they now get less of my business;”

• 11 percent switched primary suppliers over the last five years; and 11 percent still use primary supplier and “they now get more of my business.”

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