I was only half listening to the Super Bowl post-game interviews when Richard Sherman appeared before the screen. This interview immediately caught my attention because I, like so many others, was so shocked by the now infamous interview Sherman gave after the NFC Title game against the 49ers in which he ranted and raved about how he was the best cornerback in the NFL. “Don’t you open your mouth about the best, or I am going to shut it for you real quick!” he barked. This latter interview quickly propelled him to status as one of the most controversial players in the league, so I was really interested to see if he would make a repeat performance during his post Super Bowl victory interview. After all, love him or hate him, one thing Sherman is not short on is passion!

Was this the same man? He was no longer the conceited, cocky and “in your face” player I saw in that previous interview. Instead of talking up himself, he talked about how factors such as teamwork, hard work and positive reinforcement (from his coach) were such great factors in the Seahawks victory and how he was lucky to be a part of such a great team!

I sometimes like to relate major sports events to struggles or challenges in my professional career so I found the next words that came out of Richard Sherman’s mouth to be particularly interesting. When asked what he thought was the greatest challenge that the Seahawks would face in coming back next year to become repeat Champions, Sherman said simply that they needed to “stay hungry.” Now here was a guy that, after listening to what he said after that NFC Finals Game, I thought I would never take seriously, and yet I was now listening intently to him and saying to myself, “Now that is something I can take and apply in my professional career!”

Now anyone who likes beer or even just great commercials is familiar with the series of Dos Equis beer commercials in which “the Most Interesting Man in the World” implores us to “stay thirsty.” Well, in a similar fashion, I thought that Richard Sherman’s advice sounded like it could apply to the challenges that every salesperson faces coming off of a successful year, as many salespeople in the fenestration industry have done in 2013.

Do not be complacent. Do not think that last year’s success will automatically give you the momentum you need to stay successful in 2014 and beyond. Door and window manufacturers are facing many new challenges this year such as inclement weather, economic, competitive and even political. We must motivate our sales teams to go out and fight for every sale and present deals that are competitive yet profitable. Allow and encourage your sales team to be passionate!  Passion is the driving force behind success. Without passion, efforts become laborious and fail to spark enthusiasm in consumers’ minds!

And above all else, stay hungry my friends!

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  1. Great Advice!! Thanks!

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