It seems this winter we just prepare for our “weekly snowstorm.” It doesn’t matter if you live in Minnesota, Georgia, New England, Texas, etc. This winter has been unusually harsh and it has not spared any part of the country. It reminds me of those winters we experienced year in and year out 25-30 years ago.

When talking about the recent snowstorm heading to Boston, I spoke to some dealers and salespeople in New England and they said in a surprisingly upbeat tone, “We don’t know how many inches are coming. It’s just another snowstorm to deal with.”

What amazes me is how adept our industry is with overcoming the obstacles Mother Nature has a way of throwing at us. Of course, this year, we probably didn’t realize she had so many “pitches” to throw at us. However, the cold and harsh winter seems to have a silver lining. Many dealers have told me this has been the best year they have experienced in over a decade. The leads are plentiful—homeowners realize they can’t put off the purchase of windows any longer, and sales are being made.

From a weather perspective, dealers are evolving into this type of winter being the new “normal” to steal a phrase from the economic prognosticators. The weather extremes both winter and summer have resulted in an uptick in energy efficient products, and replacement window are certainly a benefit of this.

As I have mentioned many times before, our industry is so creative. I have seen advertisements and closing presentations built around “Allow me to install your windows in January, February or March, and we will pay that month’s heating bill.”

This winter has certainly been a long one, but as we come out of it, we should see a healthy increase in leads, sales, and revenue. Please feel free share anything you are doing to make this winter a benefit in the comment section.

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  1. Great Article Tyson! Same situation here in Northern Virginia with the snow and cold. Now that spring is right around the corner, we expect and hope to see a boost now that homeowners were able to see how bad their windows and doors really are.

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