Jack Loew’s loyalty, honesty, volume and purchasing power make him the dream client of any door and window manufacturer, supplier or installer. He has been the most successful developer of suburban land and buildings in the Mid-Atlantic United States of this century. Jack took risks as a developer that paid handsome dividends in an economic climate where others failed. All of these accomplishments are true, but if that is all you know about Jack Loew, then you don’t know Jack.

Reading Jack Loew’s obituary you will find he was well-regarded by many business associates and that he has a large, close and loving family. I would like to tell you more about Jack.

  • Jack was a self-made businessman.
  • Jack became an Eagle Scout at fifteen.
  • Jack was voted high school senior class president.
  • Jack was just as devout and humble as he was humorous and fun-loving.
  • Jack was an adventurer who took risks when others shrunk in fear, but he minimized his exposure to danger.
  • Jack had a great work ethic, but balanced long hours at the office with an even stronger commitment to his family.
  • Jack trained his staff to succeed and then encouraged them to become independent business owners able to compete with him in his own market.
  • Jack was full of surprises, but always above board, honest, loyal and trustworthy.
  • Jack continuously and vigorously sought out new opportunities.
  • Jack made “win/win” transactions instead of cutthroat deals.
  • Jack never let a phone ring unanswered.
  • Jack gave back to his community.
  • Jack’s door was always open.
  • Jack kept calm in a storm.

I am sorry.  You still don’t know Jack …

I tried to show you who Jack Loew was. Why he meant so much to so many. How he achieved success in business and life, but I failed. I only scratched the surface of who Jack was.

To learn more about Jack Loew, please read “Jack Loew, Developer of Opportunities”


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