The seasonal nature of the door and window business makes our sales charts look a lot like a camel’s back. Sales for the year start slow and end even slower with one hump in the middle of the year. Winter can mean slow sales because we have not found a way for the door and window purchase to compete with other holiday purchases and our clients’ purchase of other consumer goods often give their household budget a hangover that can last well into the New Year.

For as long as I can remember the goal in our industry has always been to take the hump out of the camel’s back and even out the year with a high level of sales from New Year’s Day to New Year’s Eve. It all starts with generating leads during the winter months and ends with converting those leads into sales.

What kind of marketing surgery will help us remove the hump from our sales charts this winter?

Here are some of the most popular ways door and window dealers are trying to generate leads and sales during this winter’s “off” season:

  • · Exhibit at home shows;
  • · Rehash existing leads;
  • · Free energy evaluation offers;
  • · Winter discount promotions;
  • · Cross-market to past clients;
  • · Offer referral rewards to past clients; and
  • · Showroom open house.

Let me know if you’ve seen other programs that effectively increase lead generation and sales for doors and windows during winter.

As a side note, the animal that is our sales season actually can look more like a Bactrian camel with two humps than a Dromedary with one hump. One of the humps we see in the spring and the other one in the fall with a summer sales dip in-between the two humps. It can be more difficult to sell doors and windows in the dog days of August when people are on vacation or getting kids ready for school. That only leaves an early sales season from President’s Day to mid-summer and a fall season from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. It is never too early to plan ahead for ways to continue to generate leads and to sell doors & windows during the winter and summer off seasons.

Just remember, there is more than one way to skin a cat! Or a camel …

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