Keeping up with the constant evolution of the fenestration market is a daily task. As an industry, we are faced with many challenges:

1. ENERGY STAR® Version 6.0 updates.

2. Homeowner equity at a 10-year low in many markets, curtailing R&R expenditures.

3. Partisan politics, high unemployment and debt crisis shaking consumer confidence.

4. Impact of Sequester just beginning to affect Federal Branch funding.

5. Shift in priorities at DOE may affect Building Technologies Office programs in the future.

6. Growing influence of USGBC affecting material selection.

Understanding how each of these factors is impacting the fenestration market today and tomorrow can make all of the difference in how companies prepare and seize new opportunities when they arise. As the director of government relations for Quanex, I am looking out for our customers’ best interests, reviewing all applicable legislation and regulations, including those in the areas of energy, environment, tax, labor and standards.

Follow me on my DWM blog and check out ‘The View from Here’ as I report on real-time insights into these important issues affecting the fenestration industry. By staying educated and engaged, we can collectively strengthen our message to members of Congress and federal agency personnel.

As we move forward together, I hope to engage in conversation and learn more about what’s impacting your business. Please contact me via email at or post a comment here.

See you next time!

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