Building on the Obama Administration’s efforts to double energy productivity by 2030 and help communities save on energy bills, the Energy Department has awarded nearly $4 million to 13 states to increase statewide energy savings and boost the energy efficiency of public institutions, local governments and industrial sectors.

“Smart, cost-effective investments in energy efficiency are helping communities across the country cut energy waste and foster economic growth,” says assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy David Danielson. “Through the State Energy Program, states and local governments are leading by example—saving taxpayer dollars and curbing the effects of carbon pollution.”

The competitively awarded State Energy Program projects announced include three areas:

  • Advancing Industrial Energy Efficiency – The Energy Department will invest approximately $751,000 to help Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oregon, Texas and Wisconsin address specific policy, regulatory or market barriers to greater investment in energy efficiency and combined heat and power (CHP) technologies. CHP technology captures and reuses heat created during electricity production and other industrial processes—boosting overall building efficiency.
  • Supporting Energy Efficiency Action in States – The Department will invest $1 million to assist Arkansas and Mississippi in generating the necessary policy and program frameworks to encourage cost-effective energy-efficiency investments and establish or increase statewide energy-savings goals.
  • Retrofitting Public Buildings – The Energy Department will invest about $2 million to help Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Tennessee and Wisconsin to retrofit public housing as well as local government and state facilities. These state-led projects will use performance contracting and other financing tools to improve the energy efficiency of public buildings, including installing low wattage LED lighting and upgrading heating and cooling systems.

The Energy Department’s State Energy Program provides financial and technical assistance to states and territories through formula and competitive grants. As the administrator for energy-saving programs, states use the grants to address energy priorities, advance technology deployment, access partnerships and resources, and coordinate energy-related emergency preparedness across the nation.

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