Editor’s Note: The link that ran in yesterday’s newsletter from an independent news source was pointed out by Prime-Line to be inaccurate. DWM is running the story below in its corrected format.

Prime-Line Inc. based in Malvern, Ark., announced the company is building a new manufacturing facility in Malvern. Through the expansion, Prime-Line will create 50 new jobs and invest more than $6.7 million in the new facility and manufacturing line.

The company manufactures medium- and light-density fiberboard moulding and millwork for distributors nationwide. Its products are sold in retail outlets including Lowe’s.
“We are extremely excited about the new manufacturing line and facility,” says Brian Feeney, president and CEO. “For the past 18 months we have had to turn away business as we had sold all of our previous capacity during this time. This project will allow us to say ‘yes’ again to our customers and sales team. As a business owner, the most frustrating thing is having to turn away business knowing it is right there for the taking. It’s very exciting to open our doors for new business again.”

Prime-Line will have the ability to produce more than two million lineal feet of primed moulding per week in the new Malvern facility.

“Prime-Line is an Arkansas, and an American, success story,” Governor Mike Beebe says. “With once just a handful of workers, Prime-Line will now employ nearly 100 people in Malvern, all through the manufacturing of a ‘Made in the U.S.A.’ product that has remained popular among American retailers.”

Prime-Line has made the Inc. 5000 List twice in the past five years. Since the company was incorporated in 1996, it has grown from six to 46 employees. This current expansion will allow Prime-Line to double its workforce.

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