I have ‘talked’ about technology many times before, and I have to say that I am constantly playing with the new technology that comes out. I love working on my iPad or iPhone when I am mobile – I use many different apps to stay connected and organized.

But as a ‘shout out’ to some ‘old school’ technology – a pen and paper – I have gone back to something that really works – at least for me. Instead of talking to my girlfriend named Siri and scheduling a follow up task, I have gone back to writing it down in my notepad. I generate a list everyday and I enjoy crossing off the things I accomplish. I can see what I have done, and it helps me stay organized for the next day.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not breaking up with Siri or my technology. But my point is sometimes we can over complicate things with our technology. There has been several times where I sit down in front of a customer or prospect with my wireless keyboard and iPad – typing the notes of our meeting. It’s great to do this and I always stay engaged with whoever is in front of me.

But at the end of the day, I believe we miss some key interactions because the technology is in between us. I have gone to back to just taking notes and putting it into my CRM after the call or in the evenings.

I believe technology is a necessity in today’s world. You can leverage that technology for your business, for your sales process, and for yourself. But it is important to not let the technology leverage you.

Let me close by offering four ‘obvious’ tips when using technology with a customer:

• Don’t text/email someone when you are engaged with a customer/prospect.

• Save emailing the tasks you need to do for a customer after you have finished your call (stay engaged).

• When in front of your customer/prospect, treat them as the most important person – not your phone (turn your phone on silent if you can).

• If you need to use technology with a customer,/prospect let them know what you are doing – and stick to just that task – don’t answer other emails/texts.

Great Selling!


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