In some areas, winter weather is slowly setting in. Are you using the end of the federal tax credit as an incentive for homeowners to make that door and window purchase? Homeowners can apply for a tax credit worth 10 percent of the cost of upgrading the efficiency of the home’s envelope. The cost of installation is not included and the credit is capped at $500. That’s money homeowners can put toward Christmas gifts. Are any of you using that as a unique promotional idea?

A recent article on the Consumer Reports online website encourages homeowners to take the plunge.

“A $500 tax credit for energy-efficient upgrades expires at the end of the year so now’s a good time to tighten your home’s envelope by replacing drafty windows or entry doors or insulating your attic,” said the article.

Exterior doors and windows (including skylights) are eligible but no more than $200 in total credits for windows may be claimed.

Some window companies, including Weather Shield Windows and Doors, is encouraging homeowners to take advantage of this opportunity.

“The tax credit is only available on window installations completed before Dec. 31, 2013, so find a dealer in your area or contact us directly to get your window replacement project started before time runs out!,” reads a blog on the company’s website.

What are you doing to promote the credit? Are homeowners asking about it? (Check out last week’s blog on the subject for more on this topic.)  Email or post a comment here.

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