Recently, I was sitting at a restaurant waiting for my meal to come when I overheard your client talking to one of their friends about your last visit. Here is what they said about the next time you stop in at their office:

1. Quit passing the blame. Fall on the sword and apologize. Why is it so hard for people to say that they are sorry? Please don’t throw others on your team under the bus when it was your responsibility. I will respect you much more if you come to me, own up to it and apologize!

2. Please close the promise gap. On your website, it says that your company prides itself on customer service. But yet when I talk to your team, I feel like it’s my fault and that I am interrupting their day. The promise gap is the space between what you say should happen and what actually happens. Please do something about the gap. Close it so I feel more part of the team!

3. Remember, I buy from your competition sometimes too! I know the temptation to speak ill of those not in the room, so next time you stop over, I will make sure that the competition is in the room with you so you can say it to their face. I respect your competition and ask that you would as well. No need to disrespect them, unless you are OK with them doing it to you!

4. Please observe the 65/35 rule in selling. Do you know that you should be talking only about 35 percent of the time and allowing me, the customer, to speak 65 percent of the time? You are doing a disservice to your company and to me when you are doing all the talking. I understand that you might be excited about the new gizmo that you have to sell me, but remember, I am not. So tone it down, so that I can feel better about my decision to be sitting in front of you. Let me talk about my pain, my budget and my decision making process, please?

5. I’m busy too! When you stop in just because you were in the neighborhood, you really expect me to stop what is making me money and sit and listen to what is making you money? If you want to meet with me about something important that will improve my business and make my life easier, then please contact me ahead of time so I can set the appropriate time aside.

6. You are right, my wall is up! If you only looked at this business from my perspective. I have many people wanting to sell me, sign me up, bend my ear or ask me a quick question…all this is such a drain on my day. I have to protect myself and my investment. Please notice this and, quite frankly, ask me how you can help…that would be a way that you could break down that wall that is between you and me!

7. And most importantly … Please notice my personality. If I am a slow thinker, then come in with the attitude of taking things slow. If I am a quick decision maker, then please don’t tell me the history of your company for 30 minutes. If you need to, take a DiSC Assessment so you know your style. Then do me a huge favor and fill one out for me. Imagine coming into my office and speaking a completely difference language. How can I relate if you are speaking Italian and I am speaking English. That is what 99 percent of the sale people do coming to see me … they talk in their language at their pace and their volume level. Adjust yourself to me and I will be much more excited to listen to you and ultimately buy your product.

As I finished my food, I realized how much wisdom this person had! We could all learn a thing or two from these comments … especially the last one. If you want to learn more about how you can give your clients or prospects a personality profile such as the DiSC Assessment, please reach out to me at You will not be disappointed!

Until next time!

Dave Molenda, CGA, CCP

Positive Polarity LLC

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