Guardian Industries issued a letter to customers recently informing them of a price increase to take effect November 25, 2013. Several products are listed in the letter, signed by Bill Widmann, vice president of sales and marketing.

“Guardian continues to experience higher costs for the materials and services used in manufacturing and distribution of high quality glass products,” the letter reads. “We are working diligently to increase the efficiency of our manufacturing and administrative processes in order to offset these costs pressures. However, the cost escalations for these areas are outpacing our reduction effort.”

The following products will be impacted by the increase:

9 percent: Clear and pattern glass products from 6mm to 19mm in thickness and all tempered thicknesses;

7 percent: Clear and patterned glass 5mm and thinner;

9 percent: All tinted float glass;

7 percent: All mirror and laminated glass products;

9 percent: SunGuard® products (except SN 68 and SN 68 HT on clear float glass);

5 percent: SunGuard SN 68 and SN 68 HT on clear float glass;

5 percent: ClimaGuard® products; and

5 percent: Low iron float glass and SatinDeco® acid-etched glass.

According to the letter, the company’s energy and transportation surcharges will remain in full effect and adjusted quarterly.

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