What a difference a year makes. The mood at this year’s annual convention of the Association of Millwork Distributors (AMD) was hopeful buoyed by an increase in attendance, sales and market activity throughout the country. The association celebrated its 49th year during its annual meeting which ended yesterday in Atlanta.

“This show is about more than the [trade show] floor,” said Carlo Ianni of Trutech Doors. “It’s about the people. Year after year, the chance to see these quality people never disappoints.” Ianni’s company sported a large display highlighting its doors and related products.

“I’ve been at the best and this is one of the best in a long time,” said John Quist of Simpson Door.

What’s responsible for the uptake? Most said that the slower areas of the country that were still in recession have finally started to emerge, bringing business nationwide. Others cited an increase in new housing starts and consequent buying activity it spurs. Still others pointed to a returning influx of new product launches spurring more activity.

And there were a passel of new products to be had. Chief among them were products designed to save the homeowner time, money and/or space. ODL’s new interior door and jamb sports a marker or chalk board on one side and a mini-pantry storage space on the other. “The marker white board has been the more popular thus far,” said Roger Finch of ODL, “though the chalk board is doing well too.”

ODL was also garnering interest it is new tubular skylight that offers a metallic tube that reflects 98 percent of light—up from the company’s previous offering of 95 percent. “It also has a solar dimmer that is great for bedrooms,” said Finch.

The Canadian company Eugenie was among the most popular, with visitors lined up four and five deep to see the new software. “We have had an incredible show so far,” said representative Amber Grayson, “we are writing orders here on the floor. People see the system and they want it.”

Steve’s and Son’s exhibit stand was high in popularity as well and definitely would have won the “most fun” prize. Modeled after an old saloon, Steve’s had barrels of unshelled peanuts, a Western motif and a country Western band to boot. It added to the festive atmosphere on the floor.

While many exhibitors gear up to head North next week to the Win-door show in Toronto, the association itself in beginning preparations for next year’s event during the last week of October, when it will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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