Fewer door and window customers are watching television commercials, hearing radio spots, reading print ads placed in newspapers, magazines and mailboxes, or looking in the yellow pages for phone numbers. If that is where most of a company’s advertising budget is still being spent, it is no surprise to find a diminishing return on advertising investment and less new customers. 

So, if your potential customer can’t be found in traditional advertising media, where are they? Door and window customers are on the World Wide Web.

 “How can I get my potential client to find my website when they are searching for my products and services on the internet?” may be the right question to ask if we want more customers.  It is the single most important question a marketing executive needs to answer today and success or failure may depend on “Digital Marketing” strategy.

 Digital marketing should be divided into two broad categories – projects and processes.

 Projects include designing and launching a variety of Internet presences, such as websites, Facebook pages, blog sites, as well as setting up Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts and validating an email list.  

Processes are the continuous interaction, use and updating of all of the above with original, engaging and relevant content supplemented with digital advertising investments. 

All projects should maintain a consistent image for best branding practices and processes should integrate all of a company’s Internet assets for best results. 

 These projects and processes are similar to traditional marketing campaigns in that results need measured and changed to increase return on investment and a marketing calendar needs to be created and appropriate actions taken based on the time of the year for successful campaigns.

Designing and launching projects and putting in place processes to update and maintain relevancy are great ways to increase search engine optimization so your website is found, to brand your business and to create top of mind awareness in the social media network. 

 Internet projects, processes and advertising require an investment of time and money and are constantly evolving, but that investment can be rewarded with a profitable return.  There may be no better method to reach your potential client and find new customers today. This may be even truer tomorrow. 

 I am going through the process of a complete internet presence overhaul, now.  I can tell you this, finding the right Internet marketing professional and discussing your specific needs and goals is still one of the best ways to make sure your business site is indexed correctly and found by your potential client when they are searching for your products and services.

Please tell me your successes and failures.  I hope my door and window colleagues can share their digital marketing stories here at DWMmag.com 

 I plan to update readers as I go through the design and launch of projects and experiment with the processes of managing my digital marketing. My goal is to get digital marketing to give me a great return on my advertising investment.

 There can be no doubt, the door and window customer can be found on the Internet. Will they find you and me or somebody else there when they are ready to buy doors and windows? 





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