A year ago Hurricane Sandy knocked out power, flooded streets and destroyed homes in dozens of communities along the Atlantic Coast. Among the areas hardest hit by the storm were New Jersey and New York, where thousands were displaced from their homes and businesses. Since then, life is returning to normal, but, as is often the case in disasters, full recovery will take years.

The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) offers guidance to property owners in the affected area to make their properties more resilient to future potential damage.

“As residents impacted by this terrible event continue to recover, IBHS encourages residents to incorporate measures to make their new structures more hurricane-resistant for the next storm,” says Julie Rochman, president and CEO of IBHS. “Because there will be a next storm.”

On its website, www.disastersafety.com, IBHS has several resources available to help residents and business owners including Rebuilding and Repairing Safer and Stronger Post-Sandy. It focuses on the four key questions residents and business owners need to consider when rebuilding to help prevent or reduce future damage:

1. Is your roof strong enough?

2. Is the building tied together properly so it can stand up to extreme winds?

3. Are doors and windows protected?

4. Is the building properly elevated to avoid flooding?

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