Chelsea's extrusion lines
Chelsea’s extrusion lines

Chelsea Building Products Inc. announced it is making a capital investment in new high-capacity vinyl profile extruders and downstream equipment for its production facility located in Oakmont, Pa., in the fourth quarter.

“This investment will increase Chelsea’s lineal extrusion production capacity by 20 percent,” says Peter Dewil, president and CEO of Chelsea Building Products. “As the demand for energy-efficient PVC-based building materials continues to grow, our business continues to expand to meet the demands of the market. In fact, we have already increased employment in 2013 and will hire an additional 20 employees in 2014.”

The investment in new extruding equipment is the second part of Chelsea’s two-year streamlining and expansion plan.

 “In addition to increased capacity the new extrusion equipment will be more energy efficient, thus producing more products with less consumption of electricity,” says Lee Furrer, director of manufacturing.

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