Key Communications, parent company to DWM magazine, celebrated Halloween last Friday with many of the team members dressing up in creative costumes. From a zombie to a male tooth fairy to Princess Leia and the Mad Hatter, our office was filled with color and spooky characters.

Four winners will be selected to earn prizes, including extra vacation time.

Key Communications’ members who dressed up include:

—Jamie Browning, AGRR™ magazine columnist, as a zombie;

—Chris Bunn, video producer, as Philip J. Fry from “Futurama;”

—Dawn Campbell, managing editor, as a monkey;

—Bryan Hovey, web developer, as the tooth fairy;

—Amanda Mason, graphic designer, as “50 Shades of Grey;”

—Janeen Mulligan, customer relations manager, as Cleopatra;

—Jenna Reed, editor of AGRR™ magazine/, as Princess Leia;

—Tara Taffera, vice president of editorial services/publisher of DWM magazine, as the Mad Hatter; and

—Ashley Weaver, graphic designer, as a hot air balloon.

We wish everyone a safe and spooky Halloween!

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