The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) has issued a call for its members to review the proposed changes to the 2010 National Model Construction Codes. The fall 2013 public review period opened on October 15 and runs until December 13; the proposed changes can be found on the National Codes website at

Among the proposed changes are IGMA’s code request to reference ASTM E1300. The National Model Construction Codes, comprising the National Building, Fire, Plumbing and Energy Codes, are model codes developed by the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (CCBFC) that the provinces and territories can adopt as is, or with modifications, as part of their building, fire and plumbing regulations, according to IGMA.

Following the current public review of the code, CCBFC Standing Committees will consider all comments and make final recommendations on each proposed change. Subject to approval by the CCBFC, the final changes will be published in the 2015 editions of the National Model Construction Codes.

“We strongly encourage our members to voice support for our proposed request to reference E1300,” says Margaret Webb, IGMA executive director.

Those interested in commenting can contact Webb at for further information on IGMA’s proposal, and Anne Gribbon, secretary to the CCBFC, at for further information on the public review and how to submit comments.

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