A new pricing guide from business analysts Plimsoll Publishing confirms there are some encouraging signs for the UK’s largest door and window companies.

Plimsoll’s latest research, which analyzes the largest 1000 door and door companies, states average company value within that sector has increased by 1 percent and 267 firms have seen their value soar by 20 percent.

David Pattison, senior analyst on the project says, “This is a great barometer for the industry to measure the overall improvement in the market – albeit a modest increase in the average value. In all we identified 267 companies that have increased in value by 20 percent and their performance adds to the belief that the overall market has stabilized.”

Pattison adds, however, that although some companies have increased in value, there are still signs that the door and window market is still a challenging landscape.

“Given the tough economic conditions of recent years, 181 firms are seeing their value fall by over a third and it’s clear the market is still highly competitive and this is impacting on the value of the companies,” Pattison says.

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