Last week Weiland Sliding Doors and Windows Inc., announced it would sell to Andersen Corp., and today Sue Weiland, principal, revealed some of the reasons for that decision.

Weiland admits the company has been approached a few times in the past ten years.

“When the opportunity presented itself this time, it seemed like we were talking to the right people at the right time,” she says.

Why was Andersen a good fit?

“Like us, they are a privately, held company with similar values – including a commitment to employees, quality and innovation. Our big doors will fit into their Architectural Collection and create a more complete offering to the custom high-end market. We very excited about being a part of their efforts to meet both design and performance aspirations of our market,” she says.

Weiland says her employees are excited about the new opportunity. “Sure, there have been some questions and concerns but once we’ve discussed them and answered their questions, they’ve been very supportive of the decision,” she says. “They are looking forward to big things and being part of a bigger organization.”

Weiland, along with Steve Donner will stay on and continue day-to-day management.

“We’re pleased because Andersen has made a long term commitment to our current location as well as our management team and current staff,” she says. “We will continue to do business as usual as we work through an integration plan. We’re especially excited because the plan includes preserving our existing dealer relationships, providing new opportunities and new and enhanced product offerings.”

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