Vinylmax Windows in Hamilton, Ohio, reports that it has operated for more than three years without a lost work time accident. This represents more than 1,100 days safely worked by more than 200 employees since September 5, 2010. The company’s previous safety streak stretched 255 days.

The City of Hamilton and the State of Ohio have both repeatedly recognized Vinylmax with awards for 100 percent Achievement and Best Industrial Safety Record.

“Every day our goal is to not have anyone get hurt,” says Mark Nolte, assistant plant manager. “We do the right things to make sure that happens and the numbers take care of themselves. Achieving three years is easier than you think when you are focused on it one day at a time.”

“Our employees are our most valuable asset. Their safety is integral to every aspect of our success,” adds Vinylmax president Laura Doerger-Roberts.

Vinylmax employees have been rewarded for safety at several important milestones. Every employee has multiple shirts sporting the company safety slogan “No Safety, Know Pain. Know Safety. No Pain.” To celebrate the three-year milestone, employees were treated to a steak lunch on September 26, provided by longtime Vinylmax supplier Ashland Hardware Systems.

“Even our vendors recognize the value of our leadership in safety in the window industry,” says Craig Doerger, owner and vice president of operations. “It truly impacts everything we do.”

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