Steve Chen, executive vice president with national manufacturer Crystal Window & Door Systems, recently made a repeat appearance on a major New York area television real estate talk show, The Stoler Report-New York Business Report. The weekly show is hosted by TV and real estate commentator Michael Stoler.

The edition entitled “Manufacturing in New York City” focused on New York City’s under-appreciated, but surprisingly successful manufacturing sector. Appearing with Chen were executives from city manufacturing and distribution firms of Brooklyn Brewery, Red Hook Winery and Beyond Kombucha-Artisan Fermented Tea. Moderated by Stoler, the group discussion covered many topics including company histories, branding, distribution and choice of location within the city.

“Michael Stoler is an incredibly knowledgeable host and excellent interviewer,” says Chen. “It’s amazing how much information is brought out with his easy-going informal conversational style. I’m honored he chose to bring me back for a second show this year. I’m always happy to contribute.”

The “Manufacturing in New York City” edition of The Stoler Report aired several times during the week from September 10 through September 15. The show was carried by cable outlets and broadcast over the airwaves via digital Channel 25.3 on CUNY-TV, the television network of the City University of New York, and on WEGTV (Channel 22) in Eastern Long Island, as well as online through several websites.

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