Erdman Automation Corp.  (EAC) and IGis Co. Ltd have announced their partnership as part of the insulating glass (IG) market. On September 3, Anatoli Glass and Mirror (AGM), in Winnipeg, Manitoba, purchased the first IGis North American line from EAC. It will be delivered in four months.

“We looked at all the players in the market and we decided on IGis because of their experience and the involvement of Erdman Automation,” says Marty Kania vice president of AGM.

The companies say in a statement that, “For years there has been no vertical IG solution made in the North American market. Erdman has changed that with a residential line made in America and now a commercial line, built in Korea with components chosen by Erdman for supportability. Erdman’s extensive IG tech group will support all installations from the company’s headquarters in Minnesota.”

“We have developed more than 10 new machines for the residential IG market over the last five years, from spacer application to gas filling to secondary sealers in vertical and horizontal orientation,” says Morgan Donohue, vice president of Erdman Automation.   “Most of these machines are new inventions, fresh solutions to support all levels of budgets and production volumes. “

“We find the commercial market is more mature and the size of the units predestines the machines to be vertical. We decided we didn’t need to develop this equipment; we simply needed to source a good design and make it easily supportable in the North American market. We nearly partnered with an Italian company two years ago but the synergies were not right”, continues Donohue.  “IGis is the right fit. They are responsive, have robust designs, open to adaptations for our market, are quick to deliver and highly experienced. IGis has built hundreds of vertical lines for the Asian and Australian market over the last 20 years. They own that market. Erdman Automation is stocking spare parts and instituting our legendary support and service on behalf IGis in North America.”

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