The Glass Guru franchise announced that it has trained an additional four franchisees during the month of August, bringing the number of new franchisees that have joined the organization this year to 18. The most recent franchise owners have expanded the company’s presence in Arizona, California, Maryland and Virginia.

Patrick Vance completed his initial training at The Glass Guru corporate office in Roseville, Calif. on August 9. Vance has previous experience as a business owner and in the ministry as a pastor.

Another new franchisee with The Glass Guru is David Levine, of Laurel, Md., who also completed his initial training in Roseville and graduated on Friday August 23. Levin has previous experience in the granite and roofing industries.

The week of August 6 brought two more franchisees for initial training. Alex Haliburton and Michael Starr are looking to open their respective locations immediately following their training. Haliburton will be opening his location in Staunton, Va., while Starr will be located in Avondale, Ariz.

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