Joe Guarino (left) and Gary Delman
Joe Guarino (left) and Gary Delman

Sunrise Windows, based in Temperance, Mich., announced the promotion of Joe Guarino to the role of president effective June 3, 2013. Guarino, former senior vice president of sales and marketing for the last year, will lead the development and execution of the company’s strategic growth plan, reporting to Gary Delman, CEO.

“Even with the growth we’ve seen over the past years, one thing remains constant. We have aggressive growth plans for the future years,” says Delman. “To position our company to be successful in these areas, I am proud to announce that we have promoted Joe Guarino.”

“I am honored to lead a company that Gary Delman has positioned so well for growth,” says Guarino. “We are fortunate to have the talented organization, loyal customers and innovative products that drive our success.”

Delman is quick to point out to DWM that this is not a retirement, but it is an attempt to create a better “life balance.”

In 2014, Delman will remain a significant shareholder in the company and will move to the Sunrise Board of Directors, resulting in the promotion of Guarino to president and CEO.

“With Joe’s promotion to president and CEO, not only will I serve on the board of directors, but I’ll also continue to be a significant owner of the company,” says Delman. “With Joe leading the business, I will be able to spend more of my time working with him on strategic growth planning, while also having the flexibility to pursue other community and family endeavors.”

Delman says he has been planning for this “better balance” for a while, and says when planning for his successor, a few things made Guarino the right person.

“I hired him 11 months ago as senior vice president of sales and marketing, and he took the lead and accomplished some great things,” says Delman. “He understands the industry and he has earned this.”

“When I was hiring for Guarino’s position, I knew in the back of mind I wanted to hire someone who had the experience level and he does,” says Delman. “I have worked day in and day out with him since he started and he will help our dealers grow.”

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