DiversifiedLinealDiversified Lineal Systems is launching its new series 7000 sliding patio door system. The addition of the patio door line gives fabricators another option to promote to their customers, which already includes casement windows, push-out and hopper windows, and swing doors and frames.

Its parent company, Toho Tenax, boasts a long history of supplying carbon fiber and fiberglass to other industries around the world, and has just recently entered the door and window industry to provide lineal pultrusions to regional door and window fabricators through a network of independent sales representatives, according to the company.

The patio door system boasts a silent slide double monorail sill with a polycarbonate track and is available in double- or multiple panel configurations. They accommodate from 1-inch double to 1 3/8- inch triple-glazed glass units. Additionally, the systems accept high security multi-locking hardware and are available in four AAMA 625 colors of dark bronze, sandstone, beige and white.

“We may be the only fiberglass “systems” supplier available to regional fabricators, and we are especially pleased to be able to provide this patio door system so soon after the launch of our window and swing door systems just a few months ago,” says Mark Back, operations manager. “DLS is currently seeking regional fabricators to partner with across the US and Canada, giving fabricators the ability to introduce their own fiberglass composite doors and windows very quickly to the market.


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