I seem to find myself in an airport most weeks. As many fellow travelers know, things rarely go perfectly when “on the road.” Between flight delays, hotels not having your reservation and inclement weather, there always seems to be something that can throw off your schedule.

This said, Roy Anderson, my friend and boss, sent me an interesting article on how American Airlines, Twitter and a delayed passenger worked together for a memorable experience. A passenger was on a flight that was delayed and he was supposed to connect in Chicago.

The passenger knew he was running late so he “tweeted” American Airlines (AA). AA monitors their Twitter account and not only were they able to hold the flight, they actually greeted the passenger by name when he got to the gate!

Conversely, I was traveling next to a passenger on a different airline and we tried to do the same thing. This airline was also monitoring their Twitter account but their response was very different. It was the typical response of “Sorry, there is nothing we can do.” When these two airlines merge, I am hoping their response changes. I’m sure you can figure out the airline.

My point to this story is social media and tools such as Twitter can set you apart from your competitors. Imagine if you managed your Twitter account like American Airlines does? What if a customer or prospect had a question and you had your Twitter alerts set so you could respond quickly – this would certainly provide a memorable experience to most customers and prospects.

There are some out there who say “Facebook, Twitter—social media in general—just doesn’t work for me.” However, there are lots of ways to leverage social media for your company. You just need to find the right avenues. You may also find yourself in front of a whole new customer demographic as well, one that is growing, one that is looking to spend money on home improvements and one that can be a great referral source to many other online social media users. Just like me writing this blog sharing a great story about American Airlines, imagine your new customer doing the same thing online.

Twitter and other social media tools are powerful. We just need to figure out how to harness this power to benefit our customers and our prospects.

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