It seems many DWM readers agreed with me that the topic of office space is an interesting one. In my last blog, I highlighted an interesting office I had visited and many readers weighed in via the comments section or personal emails to me regarding their thoughts.

Well I just had to weigh in today regarding a different kind of “Office Space.” You know that quirky movie from 1999 where the office guys take out their frustrations on an unsuspecting printer? I learned today that the website ranked it as one of the 10 most beloved movies that tanked at the box office.

Okay, back to my point. It’s that time of year for me here in the trade magazine world: the trade show season is looming, the travel season is coming and there are lots of magazines to be published and web stories to be written. Even now, I have my door closed to focus and finish today’s newsletter. But about an hour ago I did take a much needed break when Dan Mitchell of Western Windows Systems sent me his dealer newsletter and said I may want to check out their company’s humorous take on a famous scene from “Office Space.” The company recently upgraded its computer systems and put together an Office Space-type spoof. Well, it had me laughing hysterically and my coworkers probably wondered why I was laughing with my door closed. Yes, in fact, I was on You Tube. So, if all of you who are also in your busy season need a break, here you go.

Okay, now I really do need to focus …. right after lunch.

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  1. Another fun read in the midst of all the home show madness getting ready to start!

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