If you watch the Weather Channel starting August 5 during Hurricane Week you may see footage from Architectural Testing Inc. (ATI) in York, Pa. NBC spent time filming at ATI and highlighted the differences between hurricane and non-hurricane rated doors and windows.

“Testing the various levels of hurricane and non-hurricane rated products shows the dramatic differences in the performance characteristics of these products,” says senior product engineer of product testing Mike Stremmel at the conclusion of filming. “Capturing the effects of impact on film is a great way to convey these differences to the average consumer.”

ATI says it is no stranger to the development of hurricane-resistant windows, having tested the hardened, hurricane-resistant windows of the new Mercy Hospital Joplin under construction in Joplin, Mo. The town’s previous hospital was destroyed on May 22, 2011 when a powerful tornado tore through the town, killing 158 people and wounding 1,150 others.

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  1. Did not realize ATI developed hurricane-resistant windows-thought they just tested them!

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