In an effort to educate door and window manufacturers about potential root causes of seal failures, Quanex Building Products’ Mike Burk, a product sales specialist with IG systems, will present during the Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) summer technical meetings to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia from August 7-10.

“We want to share our insight with manufacturers and investigate seal and fog failures to help improve a unit’s overall performance,” Burk says. “For example, we’ll examine and explore some of the common symptoms of units that failed ASTM 2189 and CGSB 12.8. We want to provide an overall performance picture for manufacturers, so they can choose the best configurations for a particular environment.”

Burk, who has worked in technical service and training in the insulating glass industry for more than 20 years, is chairman of IGMA’s glass safety awareness council and has served as a member of the technical service committee of IGMA. He will give his presentation, “In-House Testing for Manufacturers,” on August 9.

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