Home show leads have fueled our industry and many of our businesses for years. Several home improvement companies would simply do a handful of home shows during the course of a year, and this would take care of all the entire year’s worth of leads. But over time, home shows have evolved. The spaces became crowded with similar companies, the economy soured and the shows were not well attended; weather also could make or break a show.

All of this sparked a new type of marketing called event marketing. Marketing managers started looking at doing different events that didn’t have anything to do with home improvements. I’m not sure if this was out of desperation or creativity but it has turned into a very successful lead-generation program.

Today, home improvement companies and remodelers are setting up booths at different town festivals, boat shows, wine tasting events, even flea markets. These events have driven down leads costs and at the same time, elevated the quality of the lead.

The folks attending these shows are in the mood to buy. In addition, there aren’t other home improvement companies competing for these leads at these unique events. This has resulted in higher average sales and an emphasis on selling benefits, not price.

Event marketing is somewhat of an art. You need to find good events that have good ROIs. You also will need to hire demonstrators used specifically for event marketing.

Many companies have explained that sales people are best at selling. As with event marketing, demonstrators, who are only part-time employees, are most effective at generating leads. The traffic at these events may not be as strong as a home show, but again, the quality of the leads seem to be better.

To summarize, typically the marketing manager is the driver and organizer of events. You will need to find good demonstrators to work the events: don’t use sale people. Finally, you need to target and experiment with the right shows until you have perfected your “circuit.” Event marketing will generate high quality and low cost leads.

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